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2009’s Post-Nothing by this Vancouver duo was a refreshing piece of alt-rock gold. Singles like Wet Hair and Young Hearts Spark Fire felt new but incredibly nostalgic all at the same time. It was raw, energetic, and epic sounding music. And all from two guys, a guitar, and a drum-kit… kudos. Fortunately, Brian King and David Prowse don’t break from formula on their new song The House That Heaven Built. It is fast, intense, fist-pumping, and forever-young rock. I think it’s a good sign that we still have artists who are so willing to continuously pour all their passion into their music.

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Is Modest Mouse the best indie rock band ever? In my mind, absolutely yes. With four masterful albums in a row (from The Lonesome Crowded West to We Were Dead…, and excluding Sad Sappy Suckers), they go in my top five list of favourite bands, never mind the category of indie rock. It is Isaac Brock’s clever wordplay, his romanticism of blue collar life, his fevered spats of energy and insanity, his fragility, his creativity, that make him impossible to ignore. Which makes it pretty odd that I had never heard of Ugly Casanova, a side band Isaac Brock created (I suggest you take a look at the back story for this band, it is an excellent little piece of fiction). I found them yesterday while surfing through Last.fm, and these two songs stuck out for me. Parasites marches forward with a triumphant horn loop, and despite the morbid lyrics the song feels hopeful – “The parasites are excited when you’re dead. Eyes bulging, entering your head. And all your thoughts, they rot”. Hotcha Girls feels more meditative, more somber. It describes a simple life that slowly leads to nothing but death and rust and loneliness. It seems to tell a story of all the sadness of living in a small nothing town, and feeling small, feeling like nothing. More proof of Isaac Brock’s genius.

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