Okay, I’m smitten. After just writing about the excellent Hundred Waters song Boreal, I had to check out their website to listen to the album (http://hundred-waters.com/). Two songs leapt out as contenders for best songs of 2012. Visitors starts off with a curious synth line, putting it somewhere with Bjork and The Knife’s more explorative sounds. It takes time before everything gels just right, but at about the two minute mark, you begin feeling like your floating, and vocal melodies start to charge forward. Then right at two minutes and forty seconds the song blossoms into a sonic kaleidoscope. More impressive is Caverns, as it starts soft as a Vespertine track, and the infectious backward loop gives it the perfect eerie feel. But just when you think it is just going to become another Mum clone, Sigur Ros-esque drums take the track up a whole bunch of notches. The result is a stunning piece of electro catharsis.

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One thought on “I’M SMITTEN

  1. […] Bjork, Purity Ring, Grimes, Burial, James Blake, It has been over two years since I first wrote about Hundred Waters. At the time they had been circulating the blogs with their organic […]

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