My issue with White Stripes and Jack White in general has always been the same. His style has been moving more and more towards rehashes of vintage rock. Sure, it is executed with great skill and keen understanding. However, no matter the skill, it is still just a rehash. And so much of it sounds so impersonal and rehearsed that it most often falls short (this refers to you too, Black Keys). Luckily, that only represents about half of the White Stripes library. Songs like Seven Nation Army, As Ugly As I Seem, Fell In Love With A Girl, You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket, Blue Orchid, and Icky Thump brought enough creativity and/or sincerity to make them stand the test of time. Fortunately, Jack White’s first solo album Blunderbuss takes the right step towards personalizing his work. The attempt to revive soul and bluegrass sometimes comes across as tired, but for the most part the songs add something novel and revealing that make them enjoyable. It has great moments, like the great rolling drums in Freedom At 21, the stellar vocal work and strings on Blunderbuss, and the sheer energy of swagger in Sixteen Saltines.

Freedom At 21


Sixteen Saltines

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4 thoughts on “ROCK SWAGGER

  1. onlinehitchhiker says:

    Hello – it is nice meeting you and visiting your blog again (I do count on you remembering me). Now that I’m around here I’ll have a look through your posts and tell you my opinion — hope you don’t mind!

    I really like Jake White and The White Stripes were one of my favourite groups. I haven’t checked out his new album yet, but when I heard “Love Interruption” I was stunned. The other single, not so much. I suppose I should just go out and buy the album and have a full listen to form a proper opinion. I hope it’ll be worth it.

    Best wishes.


  2. imveryape says:

    Of course I remember you! You were the first person to leave a comment on my site (and still one of the only ones). Your support is very much appreciated.

    Definitely take a look around. Let me know if you find more tunes you like.

    I have to give Love Interruption a chance, because I didn’t get into it the first time.

    Are you in Armenia right now? When you left the comment I got a bunch of hits from Armenia.

  3. onlinehitchhiker says:

    Haha. That’s nice to know. And, you’re most welcome.

    I think it’s a good song and it’s really the only one I have fully listened to thus far. It was on replay a few times, really. Yes, I am in Armenia. I think that was me actually. I tend to click on post titles so the site receives views and not just browse the main page/archives. It makes me feel like I do something good. lol



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