I’m not always in the mood to hear a particular song. I must have been expecting something completely different when I first heard Disparate Youth a couple months ago, because I skipped over it after one listen. But after streaming Santigold’s new album Master of My Own Make-Believe, this song stood out as the clear winner (at least for now, I’ve only streamed the album once). And as much as I bitched about nobody making music like Nirvana anymore, it turns out I, like everyone else, had been too accustomed to fast-pace new-wave post-punk ADD-inspired instant satisfaction rock to truly appreciate a return to the In Utero style. Although I instantly fell in love with the amazing track Wasted Days, it took more time to warm up to the slower No Sentiment or No Future/No Past. I have taken my Ritalin, and now see how awesome they are. I have posted No Sentiment, and if you like it you should definitely check out No Future/No Past.

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One thought on “SONGS I SKIPPED

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