I remember being dumbfounded by Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s outlandish raps. It wasn’t just that it was foul, or silly, or random, or even incoherent, it was the fact that ODB didn’t seem to give a single F. ODB (or as I prefer to call him, Big Baby Jesus) and his careless style won’t ever be duplicated, but if there was anyone I could relate him to it would be Himanshu. Himanshu, aka Heems, is one of the two MCs in Das Racist, and like ODB he has great skills that he doesn’t always feel inclined to use (check out Brand New Dance). Also, like Dirt McGirt, he uses humour to make light of the music. On You Have to Ride the Wave, Himanshu is combined with two of the foulest MCs on Earth, Danny Brown and Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire. The result is one of the dirtiest and rawest tracks I’ve heard in the rap world for a long while. This isn’t pop hip hop, and this isn’t back-in-the-day hip hop, this is messy, gritty hip hop that happily gives zero Fs.

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One thought on “IT’S OUTLANDISH, KID

  1. Daniel says:

    How were you not familiar with Camp Lo bferoe that mixtape? Uptown Saturday Night is an amazing album (coincidentally the first CD I ordered from Amazon). I really wanted to see them the last time they performed but was too lazy to make the effort.If you need that album, I’ll pull it out of the binder for you to rip.

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