Ya, I know he is a comedian. Ya, I know he used to write for 30 Rock and The Daily Show. Yes, I know he got his name from a Wu-Tang name generator. Yep, I know his first songs sounded like he was copying Lil Wayne’s style. And sure, maybe he sounds like a little spoiled middle class kid trying to have everything. But the truth is I couldn’t care less about his backstory. Actually, the fact that Kanye West had no street cred coming from a non-gansta middle class background made him all the more relatable and interesting as an artist. With new song We Ain’t Them, Donald Glover thankfully reduces some of the more annoying aspects of his first efforts – the overly nasal voice; the ridiculous hyperboles and shock rhymes; the feel sorry for me for being a minority angle. We Ain’t Them feels more relaxed, and more genuine. It tells a universal story – trying to be successful at what you love. And I really hope he gets there, because I am starting to be more interested in the skills he has to offer. Oh, by the way, my name on the Wu-Tang generator is Radiophonic Oddity… cool.

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