What is it about a good ol’ fashioned foot stomper that makes for such an exciting listen? Maybe it’s linked to our tendencies towards group mentality. The rhythmic pulsing like a hundred hearts echoes through the air when multiple percussions all play together. Like Native American battle drums, it gives an animalistic sense of great strength in numbers. And all heroic suburbanites like me get to embrace their inner-warrior when listening to raw powerhouse songs that charge forward like Modest Mouse’s Parting of the Sensory or Dropkick Murphys’ I’m Shipping Up to Boston. It’s enough to make me bang my fist on my Ikea coffee table… well maybe if I didn’t have to Windex the smudges right after. Adrian Glynn’s Mother Mary has that exact marching soldier quality with what sounds like actual foot stomping and hand clapping. The western twang in the guitars only works to enhance the wild nature of the track. You can actually imagine a group of musicians in an old cabin pounding the wooden floor boards with their boots causing the dust to fly up with each beat. The highlight is the fast forward in the last seconds, which makes for the perfect ending to this Vancouverite’s thumping tune. I’ll have to get the Windex before the girlfriend sees the smudges.

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