I went to see Bon Iver in concert yesterday, and of course him and his band were amazing. But there aren’t any new Bon Iver songs to post, or any Bon Iver hidden gems you may not have heard, so instead I will talk about the opening act. The Staves are three sisters from Watford, England who master in sleepy folk with beautiful vocal harmonies. All three ladies sing together, and seem to weave each others voices in and out with such skill and ease you wonder if they had been doing it since they were toddlers. The sound is gentle and melancholy – book reading-music, but with more depth than your average Starbucks soundtrack. One of the sisters laughed after performing Tongue Behind my Teeth, admitting that it is as close as the sisters get to “rocking out”. It is far from rocking out, but the slightly louder acoustic guitar, and the slightly greater sense of urgency add a certain something to take the band out of the realm of book-reading music to great singer/song-writer material.

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