KANYE WEST – MERCY                                                               ARKELLS – MICHIGAN LEFT

Some songs take time to appreciate, and with others you have to remind yourself how much you appreciate them. Kanye West’s Mercy is definitely the former, and Arkells’ Michigan Left is definitely the latter. Mercy comes across as an arrogant, superficial, and offensive rap song (which it is), and more of just the same stuff we expect from wealthy rappers (which it isn’t). Once you get past the detestable spoiled raps, the subtle dark details become more present, and Kanye’s deft ear proves itself again. Michigan Left is such perfectly inoffensive radio pop, that you tend to forget the fact that you had a lot of fun singing along. The verses carry great, unstoppable momentum, and the sing-along chorus is pure good times. Both of these songs took time for me to feel they should be written about, but they definitely should, and it’s better late than never.

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  1. […] The band out of Hamilton, Ontario are masters of that upbeat and accessible rock n’ roll (see Michigan Left) that’s as well-crafted as it is fun. Like Big Wreck and other timeless radio rock, it has […]

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