When you are British… correction, when you are a British member of a dance-punk group… correction, when you are a British member of a dance-punk group and you look like Alexis Taylor, it is highly unexpected that you would have an R&B singer buried deep within you. I suppose it isn’t a giant leap for a dance music band to go soulful, but take a look at these guys, I’m pretty sure I saw one of them playing with Magic cards in line for Comic-Con. With the new album In Our Heads, Hot Chip not only get soulful, but they get downright spiritual. Stand out dance track How Do You Do? zealously preaches the celebration of life and love – “a church is not for praying, it’s for celebrating the light that bleeds through the pain”. Can I have an amen! The music is just as energetic and blissful as the lyrics, with the fast tempo drums and synth moving forward at a bust-a-move pace. It might make you want to live again. Look at Where We Are feels entirely novel for Hot Chip, as it may be the only song they have released that could go under the category “R&B Slow Jam”. However, no matter how odd, it hits every note perfectly. The slow electric guitar riffs and sexy atmospheric synths drip as slow and sweet as honey. But the real genius is the manipulated vocals they used for the chorus, it is absolutely sublime. It may make more sense for them to start opening for R. Kelly rather than LCD.

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