South Londoner Jessie Ware made a name for herself when she collaborated with masked DJ SBTRKT on the track Nervous. She went on to work with Sampha and Joker in 2011, and then released her own single (the super smooth Running) in February of this year. However, her best effort to date is the latest track Wildest Moments. In starts off with drums reminiscent of Alicia Key’s Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart, and Jessie Ware’s voice echoes over it with a light synth. It is the chorus where the song really shines, as Ware’s voice seems effortless but the little added elements of a single piano note and varied synth makes it feel like a take off into the clouds. Maybe it is the sentiment, however, that really causes the attraction, as she ignores naysayers to her love singing “from the outside, everyone must be wondering why we try… baby in the wildest moments, we could be the greatest”. Sure, she goes on to say “in the wildest moments, we could be the worst of all”, but for the second before that is sang, you really believe in the strength of those star-crossed lovers.

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