If you found music on IMVERYAPE that you enjoyed but are looking for more, you are bound to enjoy the following sites. Sometimes we need to look beyond our email submissions, beyond Pitchfork and Drowned in Sound, to find the music we will love. These are the sites where I have found the best music and the best writing the internet has to offer.

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I have spent hours perusing through the brilliant Match Musik. This Australian site may have music from every genre, but their hip hop and chillwave selection is what really shines. I have never found so much high quality rap and electronic music anywhere else online.

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Everyone wants a great site but nobody wants to work for it. That doesn’t describe Sam Loves Music. Sam reviews nearly an album a day. Not only that, but they are thorough, in depth, and spot on. Of course, in between album reviews he somehow manages to also give his viewers Tracks of the Week, which are always damn good.

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When I started writing, I sourced probably half of the songs I posted from Illogical Computer (originally Best New (mostly indie) Tracks). They are always ahead of the curve with cutting edge music that nobody has heard of, but everybody should.

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If you want to know EVERYTHING Calgary music has to offer, look no further than Music YYC. This slick site runs through every notable artist that hails from our beautiful city. The writing and sense of community is without comparison.

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The world’s on site correspondent for the exploding indie music scene in Greece. Alongside the documentation of great rising stars from an unlikely source, Mouxlaloulouda also captures the best from around the world. We may not understand what he writes, but the music speaks volumes.

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The three guys at Little by Listen make reading about music fun. They are hilarious, and write some of the most down to earth and readable posts around. Follow them for their Top Ten Thursday lists and their extremely unique Review Royale that puts three reviewers against one album.

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This guy was Freshly Pressed twice. Twice! Why? Because he has an incredible talent for writing, and an incomparable palate. One day I want to grow up and become BDWPS.

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The quirky and loveable Gorilla vs. Bear is a staple amongst audiophiles. Like Illogical Computer, they are leaders in introducing the newest and most creative music the world has to offer.