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Photo credit – Jess Baumung

I purchased a new vehicle a couple months back, and as perk, one year of Sirius Satellite Radio was provided. I know it is all a ploy to get you hooked on it, but it is cool nonetheless. And without it, I would have never discovered channel 151, Iceberg Radio, the official greatest radio station ever. It is the be-all end-all for great Canadian indie music (at least from my ignorant point of view). From Arcade Fire to Plants and Animals to Woodpigeon to City & Colour to The Tragically Hip, Iceberg has the best new music that Canucks have to offer. It feels like every day I find a new song I have never heard and completely love. Favourite of these so far is Ohbijou’s Niagra. This Toronto band (of which I had never heard of) has created a devastatingly beautiful track in Niagra. Sometimes a song just has the perfect pace, perfect feel to pull you in close. Whether it is Casey Mecija’s soft and yearning voice (reminiscent of Joanna Newsom and China’s Hopscotch), or the dropping notes at the end of each measure which seem to take the listener falling freely with them (especially the simple but stellar strings after every line of the chorus), each component sounds right. I’ll definitely be spending this long weekend exploring more of their catalogue. Thanks Iceberg and Ohbijou, you guys have made my spring.

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